“What is a Gifting Suite?”

A gifting suite is an exclusive, and often private, event that welcomes special guests (celebrities, guest speakers, guests of honor, etc.) to an event. The suite may include the sponsorship and gifting of high-end products that are of interest to the special audience. Photos and publicity of celebrity guests with your product or brand can provide long-term public relations value to the participating company and can provide exposure to luxury networking.

“Why do celebrities get free stuff when they can afford to buy the merchandise themselves?”

The basis of this question is a confusion of “need” with “gratitude.” We are simply saying thank you to people who are donating their time free of charge to high-profile events. You don’t cease to be eligible for gratitude simply because you’re rich and famous. In addition, the companies who give their products free of charge to celebrities do so for the marketing and PR benefits of having their goods and services associated with top talent. The gift is being given in the hopes that press opportunities will be generated as a direct result. These companies also have “charitable giving programs” that are based on need . . . but that is completely separate from their marketing budget.

“Will you describe the guests/attendees you expect for this event?”

Our guests will be high-exposure celebrities international celebrities from sports, music and entertainment we expect 125+ to visit the suite.

“What types of events has Red Carpet Events LA organized or where have you contributed your services?”

Red Carpet Events LA past events include Grammy Awards,Emmy Daytime Award, Teen Choice Awards coordinating event fashion in Los Angeles. We secure sponsorships and focus on upscale brand building events.

“Can you tell me more about fellow sponsors or professional participants in this event?”

Certainly. Please contact Roger Zamudio, CEO of Red Carpet Events LA at 1.310.980.4242 for more information about sponsors and participants.

“What are the hotel accommodations and additional opportunities for sponsors or vendors?”

Upon confirmation, you will receive a list of:
• Discounted rates at our host hotel


“Can I invite guests to attend the gifting suite?”

This is a private and exclusive event. Only pre-approved celebrities, celebrity guest and sponsors will be allowed entrance. Participants can not invite guests without expressed permission from the Red Carpet Events LA CEO.

“Is there a philanthropy or charitable focus?”

Our Gifting Suite will benefit several few. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the charity and we are encouraging each celebrity to sign designated merchandise to be auctioned at the affiliate’s annual charity gala/fundraiser.

“What are the media and photography opportunities?”

Professional photographers will be positioned by your product display to capture celebrity photo opportunities posing with and interacting with your product. You will receive these photos within five business days to use on your website, press releases and marketing materials. Our media/pr team will seek opportunities to coordinate with pre-scheduled media and press to get you additional online, TV or print exposure where applicable.
The benefit to your clients is the public relations, photographs and video captured in the suite during that weekend. We have an aggressive post event PR strategy in place, and our firm is building relationships with key media editors to get additional press post event. For more information, visit our press releases.


“When will we receive information related to the press and public relations of the event?”

Post event data will be available within 30 days. We will send you a media recap of press and public relations that your product/brand and the gifting suite received during the event.

“I have a product I think would make a perfect present for Red Carpet Events LA gifting endeavors. How do I become a vendor you offer to your clients?”

We are always looking for fabulous new merchandise. Feel free to send a sample of your product, along with any catalogs or line sheets. If you’d like your product returned, please include your FedEx or UPS number, and we will happily mail it back to you after evaluation or please contact Roger Zamudio, CEO of Red Carpet Events LA, at 1.310.980.4242

“How can I take advantage of your gifting expertise to improve the gifts I give for personal and/or professional occasions?”

Please contact Roger Zamudio, CEO of Red Carpet Events La at 1.310.980.4242 for more information.


If you looking for events (regional, national or international) that can provide your product or brand with high-end exposure. If you want to be include in our mailing list or you looking for opportunity to participate at Red Carpet Events LA Events ?

Please contact Roger Zamudio, CEO of Red Carpet Events LA, at 1.310.980.4242 for more information.